This is my first Neocities page. I'm still working on it.



(")_(") This is Bunny. Copy and paste Bunny into your webpage to help him gain world domination.


02/01/24 - Into the new year! Oh wait I'm late... Gonna add a guestbook today :]

12/07/23 - Back lol. How's it going?

05/09/23 - New font! How's it look?

05/08/23 - Rough day, but I'm gonna try to test some new fonts for the site tonight.

05/07/23 - Basic pages are all up; now I need to make content to fill them :]

  • Make a header image
  • Add more graphics everywhere
  • Write a review for the Reviews page
  • Have a dream for the Dreams page? XD
  • Make a guestbook!
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